6 Ways to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

I love my mom, but there is one thing that I used to hate about her when I was a kid. She yelled too often, it was very annoying and I seriously couldn’t stand it. I told myself that as soon as I’m financially-independent, I would move out of the house. And I really did!

Okay seriously, I moved out because I went to study in a university, but not to avoid her yelling. My mom is 59 years old now, and of course, she doesn’t yell anymore. But as a mom now, I can really understand where the yelling comes from. A lot of times, it’s hard to keep our cool (although it’s not impossible to do so!).

In my parenting journey, one of my biggest battles was YELLING too. It didn’t have to be something major to set me off, but in fact, it felt quite good to yell sometimes (I feel ashamed to admit this). I began to feel like yelling is the only way to get my message across effectively. Whenever I shout, I felt that I regained control of the situation.

But when the moment passed by, I saw my ugly self. I saw ‘this person’ spewing angry words on the person that I love most in this world. I began to feel how much I hated it when my mom yelled at me, and how my son would hate me too. I regretted it.

It scares me whenever I think about that. Shouting is my biggest failure as a parent. I don’t want my son to remember me as a parent who shouted all the time (just the same way I feel for my mom).  Sorry, mom.

So, I vowed to change that, and I’m glad I did.

In this post, I’ll share with you six ways to stop, or at least avoid, yelling at your kids.

1. It’s often easier to stop something before it begins. So, find out what usually triggers your yelling. If you can identify those things, then you can work out ways to either let them go or deal with them better.

2. Take your time. Realize that you don’t need to react immediately in most circumstances (unless your kid is in danger!). When you give yourself time to think and decide on your next course of action, you’ll unlikely end up yelling.

3. Learn to lower your stress level. Trying to do so many tasks by yourself will cause too much stress. Just be there with your kids, and they will less likely to misbehave and trigger your yelling.

4. When you’re on the verge of yelling, just take a deep breath and walk away. It’s simple and yet I find it most effective. It’s okay to walk away, calm down and think things through. Perhaps it’s not a big deal after all. After you regain your composure, you’ll tackle the problem without an itch to yell.

5. Manage your wants and expectations. It’s important for us, parents, to know and understand our child’s capabilities – because this can help us to become more patient. Understanding equals patience. When we’re able to accept our kids as they are, we’ll love them as they are. We’ll then realize that the root cause of the problem simply lies with how we react.

6. Learn to let go and when to laugh it off. Along with understanding, learn to loosen up is equally important too. Do something that makes everyone laugh can really change the tone of the situation. It’s hard to stay angry when you’re being funny. It’s hard to yell when you’re busy telling a joke. Being funny is enough to remind myself to be the parent I want to be.

Sometimes, yelling or raising your voice isn’t all bad. When we need to raise our voice to keep them safe, such as when they’re running recklessly across the street, we just need to do it. Using a raised voice in this instance will prove more effective if yelling isn’t the daily disciplinary action for everything.

Remember this – if yelling is over-used, it will be ignored. Kids simply tune it (you) out. In addition, kids model our behaviour. Yelling at our kids also breeds a pattern of yelling at their own kids in the future.

If you have any wonderful tips to stop yelling at kids, I’d love to hear from you too. Drop me a comment here. And if you feel someone might benefit from this post, feel free to share it on your social media.

I end this post with a very interesting quote here. Have a nice week ahead!

“If it isn’t life threatening, if the house is not ablaze, if it is not an emergency, or if the child you are yelling to is not half a mile away, then yelling is the wrong choice in parenting.”  Anonymous


Inject Colours and Fun into Your Bathroom with Rainshower Flower Collection


Recently, the kind folks at GROHE sent me a shower head for review. It isn’t an ordinary shower head to begin with, but something unique and fun that I’ve never seen before.

When I reached home that day, Little Edison excitedly ran to me and said, “Mama, somebody sent you a very pretty flower pot!” I was like, “Could it be Papa?” I knew it wasn’t him because he isn’t the kind of guy who will buy flowers for his wifey.

Anyway, I checked the package and found that it was from GROHE. So this must be their new Rainshower Flower Collection that they e-mailed me recently, I thought. I stood there for a while to admire the beauty of this new shower head, which looks more like a pretty flower pot.

Inspired by tulips, sunflowers and orchids, the colourful Rainshower Flower Collection is the latest product from GROHE. I’m sure all of you know GROHE. It’s the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings, and a global grand for sanitary products and systems.

Just as I told Edison that the flower pot is actually a shower head, he was completely puzzled at how he can shower with that ‘flower’. I changed our current shower head to the Rainshower Flower, and I’m so delighted to see how it brings a fresh look and inject fun into my bathroom.

He’s certainly more excited than me because shower time means more FUN to him now. The flower-lookalike shower head dispenses water like soft raindrops, that’s why it’s called Rainshower.

The petal-shaped bumper surrounding the shower head is easily removable. The Rainshower also share the GROHE StarLight chrome finish, which means that they will retain their sheen for many years.


New line of GROHE showers featuring beautiful flowery deco to inject colours and fun into your bathroom

Rainshower Flower Collection is available in six attractive floral colour schemes at a retail price of SGD177 at all authorized GROHE outlets. They inject colours and fun into your bathroom, and they make a perfect gift for all occasions too.

Disclosure: Rainshower Flower Collection is provided by GROHE for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


OMICAL – The Real Calcium from Milk

I have a confession to make. It’s not an earth-shaking one, but one that always worries me, especially when my age is catching up now.

I hate milk, absolutely hate it. Yes, you read it right. I’m not lactose intolerant, I can eat cheese and yogurt, but I just hate milk. I dislike how it tastes. Sometimes I drink flavoured milk (chocolate or strawberry), but that doesn’t happen very often.

Recently, I read an article on bone health. It says as our bones reach maximum density at the age of 30, we start to lose bone mass at a faster rate. International Osteoporosis Foundation revealed in 2010 that 1 in 3 Singaporeans above the age of 35 are at risk of developing osteoporosis. The elderly are also likely to consume medications that may impair calcium absorption.

This got me a little concerned. My body has stopped building bone mass, and without knowing it, I’m actually losing it on a daily basis. Exercise and weight training can counteract this natural process of decline, but I also hardly have time to do so. To add insult to injury, I’m also not getting enough calcium from my diet.

Even though I look seemingly healthy now, I know that something is not quite right inside of me. I’m not having enough calcium and I’m losing my bone mass, which may lead to problems like osteoporosis later on.

Is there anything that I can do now? If you ask me, I would say that we should exercise regularly and keep an active lifestyle, eat a well-balanced diet, and make sure we get sufficient calcium and Vitamin D.

Understand what’s happening in our body at different stages of life is equally important. I did a bit of reading on this topic, and here is some useful information that I’d like to share with you.

  1. During puberty, when our body and skeleton are growing, bone formation outpaces bone loss.
  2. By the time we reach our 30s, we stop naturally building bone mass, and we start to lose it.
  3. During pregnancy, if we don’t get enough calcium, our babies will draw what they need from our bones.
  4. After menopause, the rate of our bone loss accelerates to 1-5% on average, depending on our diet, exercise, body frame, drug intake, and overall health.
  5. Some women can lose up to 25% of their bone density in the ten years following menopause.


So recently, I’ve been taking OMICAL as a calcium supplement. Unlike a typical calcium supplement, OMICAL is a milk mineral complex that mimics the composition of human bones, containing key components like magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and copper.

To put it simple, OMICAL is the only organic milk supplement in the market that might be the closest-to-natural way to top-up our daily calcium levels. This allows for optimal absorption.

Some off-the-shelf calcium supplements are made from calcium carbonates, lactate or gluconate that are derived from sources such as crushed up rocks, shells and bones, which carry potential contamination with toxic substances like lead or mercury.

OMICAL, on the other hand, is derived from pure milk, so we get all the nutrients from milk without the fat, steroids, antibiotics and hormones. OMICAL is also safe for those who are lactose-intolerant as well as children. OMICAL can also be crushed up for consumption for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets.

Thus, I like the fact that OMICAL is free from impurities and toxic metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, and it has been confirmed through a laboratory test by the Health Science Authority.


Two tablets of OMICAL contain 500 mg of Calcium (from milk) and 200 IU of Vitamin D3, and that provides up to 50% of our daily recommended intake. I take two tablets each after breakfast and dinner, and I’m all for adequate levels of calcium and Vitamin D in my body.

It’s actually quite convenient for me, just pop two tablets each in the morning and night. At first, I thought either the taste will be weird, or they will be too large to swallow. But I was wrong. They are actually tasteless and easy to swallow.

FIVE quick facts about OMICAL:

  1. Is tested in Singapore to be free from toxic metals to ensure safety.
  2. Is an organic calcium supplement that is derived from pure milk.
  3. Has five Certificates of Safety and Conformance to FDA regulations.
  4. Is free from antibiotics, pesticide residues, artificial colour, gluten and preservatives.
  5. Is made in Canada.

OMICAL is available at leading pharmacies Guardian, Watsons and Unity, as well as selected independent retailers. The recommended retail price is $31.90 for a bottle of 60 tablets.


Most Singaporeans now take vitamins and dietary supplements as part of their daily routine. They are widely trusted to improve our health and wellbeing, and to compensate for a less than ideal diet as a result of the hectic lifestyle.

Consuming OMICAL real organic milk calcium tablets is hence the perfect way to increase our calcium intakeIf we don’t take care of our health, no one will. So say cheers to health with OMICAL today!

OMICAL – a calcium supplement derived from Organic Milk Source, minus the fat, in an easy to take tablet.


Now, it’s giveaway time!

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How is Omical different from other calcium supplements?

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Last but not least, OMICAL will be giving my readers a chance to receive 20 samples just by filling up this form. So, experience for yourself the goodness of OMICAL! Good luck on winning the samples and the actual bottle! Strong bones for all of you!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own.