My Blogging Journey with Nuffnang

I’ve been blogging for seven years now. In some ways, it feels like only yesterday. But in the other, it seems like forever ago. You see – this blog was started not long after I gave birth to Edison. He just celebrated his 7th birthday this month, and that reminds me of how ‘old’ my blog is.

So, I’m sitting in front of my PC today in awe of how much has happened since that first day I registered my Blogspot and said Hi to the unknown faces of the internet.

Truth be told, I’m the kind of person who tends to get bored easily. Every time I start a project, I will lose interest gradually, and eventually it will stop before I realize it. But blogging is an exception. Despite all the challenges, I manage to write consistently for the past 7 years, and I don’t think I will ever stop.

While much has changed in the blogging world especially with the increasing social media avenues, this blog has remains pretty much the same. It’s still me as the writer and creator of this space, sharing my life as a working mom, my thoughts and experiences on parenting, memorable moments with my family, and issues close to my heart.

When I first started this blog, I had no idea that other people besides my family and friends would read it. Then, it surprised me when readers like you came to read along, and even more so when you continued to come back. Thank you for joining me!

It has been an amazing journey so far. One of the happiest moments in my blogging journey is joining Nuffnang two years ago. This is the biggest milestone in my blogging career – being able to join Asia’s first and leading blog advertising community.

Since then, it has opened a wide arena of opportunities for me. From writing advertorials for top brands such as Eu Yan Sang, StarHub and LEGO, to attending events like Singapore Kindness Movement and Families for Life, it has been a wonderful working experience and partnership with the fun and friendly Nuffnang family!

I never expect that my blog writing can be so rewarding (in both monetary and non-monetary ways), and I’m truly grateful for all the support, guidance and opportunities that Nuffnang has given to me. Every day is a learning journey for me, and I’m motivated to improve myself in every perspective.

When I first started my advertorial writing, I was inexperienced and ended up with many major edits from the client. With proper guidance from the Nuffies, I learnt the art of writing a good advertorial. In my most recent assignment, I only need to do one minor edit, and I was truly excited.

Singapore Kindness Movement 2012

Beside advertorials, I’m invited to the coolest events in town organized by Nuffnang. One of the most memorable events is Singapore Kindness Movement in year 2012. I was part of the blogger team to create a video to showcase various kindness acts. When my video was shown on the big screen at the event held at VivoCity, I felt so honoured. And also a bit shy (I had to hide my fat face, LOL).

Health Promotion Board – Cook and Eat Healthy Together Campaign
LEGO Duplo Event at Suntec City

Every time I receive an advertorial assignment, I put in my best efforts. It isn’t easy, considering that I’m a full-time working mother. I’ve to juggle work, family and blogging. For each advertorial post that I write, I’ve to sacrifice my sleep, personal time, or even family time.

Last Saturday, I woke up at 5:30am to work on an advertorial on health supplement. Yes, it was 5:30am when the sky was still dark. After Edison woke up and had his breakfast at 9am, he wanted me to bring him to the playground.

And I said, “Next time, boy. Mama is busy now.” Unexpectedly, he shot me with this deadly reply: “Ah! Next time means it will take ages!”

I was stunned for a while, before feeling extremely guilty for all my broken promises. Then, I stopped my work and brought him to the playground. Work resumed after he went to bed that night.

Writing an advertorial isn’t something that you can rush or expedite. You need inspirations, you need a story to sell the product that is relevant to you and your readers, you need to take good pictures, you need to edit them, you need to test the product, and finally, you need to deliver honest results. (Yes, integrity of a blogger is very important!)

It isn’t easy as some of you may think. Sometimes the Husband wonders why I work so hard when I’m already earning a decent salary from my full-time job. It’s the PASSION, and I really enjoy what I’m doing. It’s also my DREAM that one day I can quit my job and become a full-time blogger (and still earning enough moolah to spend!). Finally, it’s my personal ACHIEVEMENT that I can be proud of.

Every time I receive a new assignment from Nuffnang, I’m jumping with joy. I look forward to experience new things. One thing that is worth mentioning – I really appreciate the Nuffies for always checking with me before they accept a project for me. Thanks to all the kind Nuffies and Churpies – Madeline, Jayne, Gillian, Sarah, Amanda and Melissa for the wonderful partnership. You girls are awesome!

Last but not least, I’ve an important announcement to make (before I wrap up this long-winded post).

I’m officially part of the Bloggerati family!

Bloggerati is the talent agency division of Nuffnang. They work with the top bloggers from their community of thousands, and closely manage their successful brand partnerships, media relations and professional development. I’m flattered to be in this team alongside top bloggers like Xiaxue, QiuQiu and Velda Tan.

I’m excited to continue developing my blog, and I see my partnership with Nuffnang as one step closer to my dream. This blog has grown steadily over the past two years and as I move forward, I’m glad to have Bloggerati to assist me in brand collaborations so that I can concentrate doing what I like best – that is writing this blog, of course!

Thanks to you for reading this blog too!


8 Things We Love About Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort

Continued from last post

We enjoyed our staycation at Rasa Sentosa Resort so much that we want to make it an annual vacation. Here are EIGHT things that we truly love about this resort.

1. Huge, beautiful and comfortable guestroom


As shared with you in my last post, the guestroom in Rasa Sentosa Resort is very spacious, beautiful, and comfortably furnished with fine amenities, as well as complimentary mini-bar.

Little Edison was giggling over the bathtub. To him, bathtub is a must in every hotel. I love the balcony, and I really enjoyed the natural outdoor surroundings. During the day, the pool is bursting with activities, and at night, it looks so serene.

2. Sumptuous buffet spread at Silver Shell Café


The buffet breakfast was sumptuous, and we also tried the outdoor breakfast by the beach. The breakfast selection is amazing, from American, Japanese to Chinese, and the usual cereals, fruits and drinks.

The highlight of the restaurant is their Kids Corner, with a variety of kids-friendly food items, plastic plates and cutleries, and at a level that is comfortable within their reach. Edison was truly excited, he felt like a big boy being able to select and pick-up his own food.


Have I mentioned about the colourful marshmallows, yummy cupcakes and tempting gummy bears that are available during the buffet lunch and dinner? And we left the resort feeling well-rested and well-fed!

3. Not just kids-friendly, but also baby-friendly


Rasa Sentosa Resort is not just kids-friendly, but also very baby-friendly. If you’re travelling with a baby or infant, you’ll be delighted to hear this. Baby Zone, the latest addition at the resort, provides complimentary baby food for different stages of infancy during lunch and dinner.

Other items such as milk bottle sterilisers, hot water, a microwave and baby dining utensils, complete with baby wipes and diapers, provide a hassle-free experience for travelling parents who are in search of essential baby care.

Now, who said you can’t travel because you have a baby? :)

4. Amazing facilities at the children’s club Cool Zone


Most of the time when we travel, we end up spending more time to tend to our children rather than enjoying a full holiday experience. I’m glad that Rasa Sentosa Resort recognizes this fact, and a range of recreational facilities are thus provided to address our need.

Children aged 5 to 12 can enjoy a full day of fun at the Cool Zone. Spanning 100 square metres over two storeys, the Cool Zone encompasses a Game Zone, Craft Zone and a Toots Club. It’s also the largest children’s club provided by a hotel in Singapore.

Cool Zone, the children's club
Picture Credit: Shangri-La’s Press Kit

The highlight of the Cool Zone is the giant tree house slide, which winds all the way down from level three of the resort into a pool of colourful balls on level one.

Full-day children’s activity programs inclusive of lunch and dinner are also available. There are at least 10 activities daily from building sandcastles, collecting seashells, kayaking to having fun with pedal boats, splash pad, treasure hunt and costume making. In the evening, there are movie nights or play time with Wii and Xbox 360.

The Flying Trapeze
Picture Credit: Shangri-La’s Press Kit

Children also get a go on the Flying Trapeze – the first of its kind in Singapore – and try their hands at being acrobats. The Mini Toots Club, on the other hand, caters to children aged 4 and below who are accompanied by their guardians or parents. There is also a playground with slides amidst the resort’s landscaped gardens.

5. Chilling out at the outdoor swimming pool and water slides

Love the line-up of frog water fountains!


Children's pool and slides
Picture Credit: Shangri-La’s Press Kit

Children can splash around at the water slides and children’s pool under a canopy, or the fun splash pad. A water management system is installed to keep the water in the pools in its natural state, where only a minimum amount of chlorine is added to minimise the risks of allergic reaction, eye irritation and respiratory problems triggered by chlorine.

6. Going the extra mile to ensure guests’ comfort during their stay


Rasa Sentosa Resort is like a little paradise to me. They’ve certainly gone the extra mile to ensure guests’ comfort through all seasons. Whatever you can think of or need, they’ll have them prepared for you.

Wet laundry? No problem. There is a 24-hour self-operating wash-and-dry machine that you can use to wash your clothes at a very small fee. This is on-top of the usual laundry service that is provided by the resort.

Need some ice? There is an ice and water dispenser machine at every floor. Need an exercise? They have a well-equipped gym surrounded by nice greeneries here.


If you checked-in early and your room is not ready, or you’re waiting for your flight after you’ve checked-out, you can relax at the lounge that is furnished with coffee machine, internet stations, books, newspapers and TV. You can also take a shower in the Refresh Room.

Awesome, isn’t it?

7. CHI, The spa, is every woman’s dream come true


Apart from all the above fun-filled experiences at Rasa Sentosa Resort, a good body massage is good in many ways. Try their signature Singapore Massage (only available at Rasa Sentosa) which incorporates different massage methods from Singapore’s three main cultures – Chinese, Malay and Indian – to deliver a tension-relieving and relaxing experience.

Singapore Massage
Picture Credit: Shangri-La’s Press Kit

8. Trapizza, the alfresco dining on the beach

Picture Credit: Shangri-La’s Press Kit


I love cosy dining in an outdoor setting while overlooking the beachfront. It’s very relaxing and romantic. Trapizza provides a selection of traditional thin-crust wood-fired pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts in addition to a children’s menu. There is also a children’s playground by the beach.


Thank you Rasa Sentosa Resort for the memorable stay and fun-filled weekend.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
101 Siloso Road, Sentosa, 098970, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6275 0100


Birthday Staycation at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort


Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort has always been on our staycation list, and I’m glad we finally managed to check them out again during the Sept term break, as well as to celebrate our boy’s birthday.

It was a glorious weekend with perfect weather to head to Rasa Sentosa Resort, which is just half an hour drive from home. The main reason why I love this place is because it is the only resort in Singapore with a beachfront location.


I can stroll along the beach after breakfast, spend some couple time with V while leaving Edison at the Cool Zone (kid’s club provided by the resort), enjoy a wide selection of food, and then have fun with the various activities available at the resort.

All the spacious guest rooms in Rasa Sentosa Resort are either sea-facing or overlooking the pool, landscaped garden or lush tropical greenery of the hill. Each room is fitted with a private balcony for guests to enjoy the natural outdoor surroundings. A majority also provides a connecting room option.



We stayed in a Deluxe Pool View Room located on the 5th floor. The room size is very spacious and comfortable even after we put up a Murphy bed for Edison.

Awesome pool and garden view from our room

The room is tastefully design, and one thing that is worth mentioning is the plush cushions featuring the hand-sewn frog mascot of the resort, Mr. Toots, which is a huge favourite among children. The hotel has also prepared a Mr. Toots plush toy and birthday cake for Edison, and he was extremely delighted.


Hi Mr. Toots!

I love the attention to details and thoughtfulness of the hotel staffs!

Unlike other hotels that impose charges on mini bar items, Rasa Sentosa Resort provides complimentary mini bar to their guests that includes fruits, snacks, soft drinks and bottled water.



The bathroom looks absolutely stunning! It has a separate standing shower and bathtub, complete with plush towels and premium Shangri-La toiletries.

In my next post, I will share with you EIGHT things we love about Rasa Sentosa Resort. So please stay tuned!

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
101 Siloso Road, Sentosa, 098970, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6275 0100

Disclosure: This is an invited media stay. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are honest and are my own.