Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru @ KOMTAR JBCC

Last month, we brought Edison to the Angry Birds Activity Park at KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru. It was an impromptu trip because V suggested to go across the border for some shopping and food, and I thought we should also check out this new place. Upon hearing “Angry Birds”, the boy was overly excited and so, we packed our passports and left home. T__T

The best thing about Angry Birds Activity Park is its location. The park is located on the 3rd floor of KOMTAR JBCC, which is directly linked to JB customs via a sheltered link bridge. We didn’t even drive there. We took the SBS buses 160/170 from Kranji MRT to JB customs. From there, it’s just 10 mins walk to Angry Birds Activity Park.

On SBS bus 160, suddenly I felt so nostalgic. I used to take it to JB when I first came to Singapore to work more than 15 years ago, hahhaha! Nothing much has changed except JB customs which is newer and bigger now.

The park is still very new, clean and well-maintained. It was opened in late 2014. Games like Lazer Bird Shoot, Red Bird Goal, Piggy Shooting Gallery and Captain Black Bird Ship – characters from the game can be seen everywhere in the park.

Angry Birds Activity Park is divided into 5 sections: Danger Zone, Utopia, Classic, South Beach and Angry Birds Shop. I’ll go through these sections one by one now. Sorry for the poor quality pictures as they were taken with my point-and-shoot camera under low light condition.

Picture Credit: Angry Birds Activity Park’s website
angry-birds-activity-park 1
Danger Zone
Space Drop Air Bag
angry-birds-activity-park 2

This zone features the thrilling activities suitable for older kids. Edison’s favourite game here is the Space Drop Air Bag. You climb up the stairs onto a platform, and then jump off onto a giant Angry Birds air bag. On his first attempt, he said it was a bit scary but subsequently, he said it was so much fun! And of course, he landed safely on the air bag. =)

Lazer Bird Scoot
angry-birds-activity-park 3

Another ride at this zone is the Lazer Bird Scoot. This one is pretty challenging and you need to be good on scooters before you go down the steep slopes.

angry-birds-activity-park 4

Utopia is Edison’s favourite section among all. It’s suitable for all ages, including the parents. The Air Parkour Track and Giant Leap Foam Pit are super fun. You climb up, hold on to a rope and swing across the foam pit. If you fail, you’ll fall into the foam pit. I lost count on how many times Edison went up there, he was sooOoo excited with his own stunts.

Piggy Shooting Gallery
angry-birds-activity-park 5

Other activities here include: 1) Bird Wire Slack Line – walking on a balance beam, 2) Anti-Gravity Trampoline – a giant trampoline here for your kids to jump their hearts’ content, and 3) Piggy Shooting Gallery – similar to the game, you’ve to shoot the angry birds with foam balls and air-gun (fun for adults too!).

Angry Birds Activity ParkAngry Birds GO! Kart Track

This is another super fun section after Utopia. I particularly enjoyed the Angry Birds GO! Kart Track. Yes, you heard it right! I enjoyed the karting too. They have kids and adults karts, so parents can play together with their kids. You must try this (but be warned, the queue might be long at peak hours).

Angry Birds Activity Park

Right on top of the karting track is the Bird Nest Climbing Track. It’s a three-storey climbing structure that all kids will love.

South Beach
angry-birds-activity-park 6
Angry Birds Activity Park

This section features some slower pace activities suitable for younger kids such as: 1) Angry Birds Video Game, 2) Balance Bike Lagoon, 3) Captain Black Birds Ship – play area for toddlers, 4) CineMine – cinema where you can watch Angry Birds cartoon, and 5) Red Bird Sona.

Angry Birds Shop

Here’s a small gift shop where you can buy Angry Birds merchandises such as apparel, toys, stationeries and snacks. The prices are rather steep though.

angry-birds-activity-park 7

Hey, you should check out their awesome Angry Birds themed birthday party room too. It’s super cool! ^__^

I saw an Angry Birds Cafe next to the park, but it wasn’t opened yet during our visit. However, there are plenty of vending machines at the Parent’s Lounge area for you to grab some snacks and drinks.

Angry Birds Activity Park

There are many other activities in this park – I didn’t have time to take pictures of all the attractions here.

The Good:

1. A wide variety of activities to keep your kids entertained for hours, and it’s fully indoor and air-conditioned. We spent about 5 hours there with 1.5 hour lunch break in-between. If I didn’t drag Edison out, he could’ve continued until 10pm!  😛

2. Easily accessible from Singapore even if you’re not driving.

3. Electronic safety lockers are available for rent. You don’t have to carry your heavy bags around. And spacious Parent’s Lounge for parents to relax while waiting for their kids.

The Bad:

1. Admission fee is quite high at RM75 per person for both adults and kids. Most parents enter the park just to supervise their kids, but they’ve to purchase a full-priced ticket. So, you really need to “play” to make your money worth. (Flash your MyKad, if you’re a Malaysian, to enjoy discounted price).

2. Time-restricted sessions on Friday – Sunday, public holidays / school holidays or peak days. Sessions are fixed as follows: Session 1: 10am – 1pm | Session 2: 2pm – 5pm | Session 3: 6pm – 10pm. Even though multiple entries are allowed, it’s quite troublesome to leave the park when the session is over and re-enter one hour later.

Getting There

If you’re not driving, take the SBS buses 160 or 170 from Kranji MRT to Johor Bahru Checkpoint and Immigration. Once you clear the Malaysia customs, walk to JB Sentral and there’s a sheltered link bridge to KOMTAR JBCC. The link bridge is also connected to City Square Mall (in case you want to do some shopping there).

It’s less than 10 mins walk and plenty of directions available (you won’t get lost!). ^^

Lastly, before you head to Angry Birds Activity Park, please remember to pack your socks!

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Address: Level 3, KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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