Happy Breezy Days with Crestar Ceiling Fan Review

Acorn Ceiling Fan
Acorn Ventilateur 238
Acorn Ventilateur 238

We’ve been staying at our new home for one month already. How time flies! ^___^

So, how’s our overall stay at our new home? Truth be told, I took a bit of time to get used to a smaller space. Initially, I felt a little confined but as soon as I’ve adapted to it, I began to rejoice at how easy it is to clean this house.

I like that it’s quite breezy, my balconies are windy especially at night. Sometimes, I sleep with the balcony door opened because I love natural wind and fresh air. Best of all, we get to sleep half an hour more in the morning as the school is just 10 minutes’ walk away. And I took just 8 minutes to reach my office. =)

Today, I’m going to share with you one of the things I like BEST in my new home – that’s my Acorn ceiling fans. One of my best purchases for this home, and I love them to bits! 🙂

Living Hall with Futuriste 309

Picture Credit: Acorn Brochure

Okay, let’s start from the living hall. This unique two-blade designer ceiling fan, Futuriste, is like love-at-first-sight to me the moment I saw it on Acorn ceiling fan brochure. Unfortunately, the electrical shop that we went to does not have a display model of Futuriste, but the shop owner gladly showed us another model from Acorn which is the Ventilateur.

The display fan was installed in his store room, and according to him, he purposely installed the fan in the poorly ventilated store room so that customers can feel the efficiency of the fan. True enough, the fan is powerful yet quiet, producing airflow and circulation that is second to none. I was so impressed.

Acorn Futuriste 309

Based on the size of our living hall, our electrician also recommended Acorn Futuriste 309 56″ LED RGB twin-blade ceiling fan. It comes in 3 fashionable colours – white, black and titanium. We chose the white which is a neutral colour that matches any theme, design and furnishing. Its modernistic design works beautifully in my home.

Acorn Futuriste 309
Acorn Futuriste 309
Acorn Futuriste Remote Control

Futuriste 309 comes with innovative LED lightkits and a smart touch-screen remote control. There are 3 speeds to choose from (high/medium/low), 2 LED light colours (warm white/cool white) and timer (1/3/6 hours). The remote-control comes with a wall mount holder too. It’s suitable for large room and living hall.

Acorn Futuriste 309

I like Futuriste 309 so much and I highly recommend it. The downwash of the airflow is excellent, absolutely quiet and stable when switching from low to high speed (70-160 RPM). Blade angles are bent to an angle that guarantees strong wind delivery.

Most of the time, I switch it on low mode. When I switch it on medium mode, I can feel the wind in my balcony and foyer. Its absolute quietness and perfect air circulation give me a natural and comfortable living area.

Master Bedroom with Futuriste 308

Acorn Futuriste 308

We picked another Futuriste model for our master bedroom. It’s the Futuriste 308 50 LED RGB Ceiling Fan. We like the unique and eye-catching design of this fan, especially the blades that are elegantly contoured around its motor unit to bring out the best in terms of appearance and performance.

Acorn Futuriste 308

It produces a powerful airflow and very quiet, making it suitable for bedroom. Futuriste 308 is available in four colours – white, black, titanium and wood (limited edition). The touch-screen remote control is the same as Futuriste 309 model.

Acorn Ceiling Fan

Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3 with Ventilateur 238

This is the model that we saw at the electrical shop. It comes with 2 options (with and without lightkits) and 2 sizes (42” and 52”). Based on our room sizes, 42” fits perfectly. There are four colour selections – white, gold, silver and black. We picked the silver for Edison’s room and the white for our study room.

Acorn Ventilateur 238
Acorn Ventilateur 238

We want the Ventilateur 238 42” ceiling fan with lightkit. Both rooms rely on the LED light on the ceiling fan as the main light as we didn’t install additional lightings. Much to my surprise, the lighting is bright enough. Even at night when I’m working in my study room, the room is bright with plenty of airflow.

Acorn Ventilateur Remote Control

The touch-screen remote control also comes with a wall mount holder. It’s small and look extremely lovely. There are 3 speeds to choose from (high/medium/low), 2 LED light colours (warm white/ white) and timer (1/2/4/8 hours). This model is suitable for bedroom, living hall as well as balcony.

Acorn Ventilateur 238 in Silver
Acorn Ventilateur 238 in White

All in all, we’re very satisfied with the performance of Acorn Futuriste 309, Futuriste 308 and Ventilateur 238 ceiling fans. They are engineered to deliver good aerodynamics quality to give us a natural and comfortable living environment. Reasonably-priced with outstanding quality, the design of the fan oozes style and class with every curve and contour that appeals to both the young and young at heart.

With Acorn, we enjoy happy and breezy days!

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Acorn Ceiling Fans Review

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