Introducing: Magiclean Wiper

Being a full-time working mother means doing everything as quickly, and as efficiently as possible. Everyone knows that it’s never an easy job, unless you have a battalion of helpers, ready to do all the house chores for you.

I’m constantly looking for innovative products to magic away all my cleaning woes. For this purpose, I have my own 3S rules – Simplify, Save Time and Save Energy. Any cleaning tools or products that fulfill my 3S rules are definitely a “sure-win”.

I’ve tried and tested various type of cleaning tools and products. Lately, I’ve discovered a fantastic product that makes a remarkable change to my dreary cleaning routine. I’m very confident that this product will address all our household cleaning needs too.

Let me introduce to you the new and improved Magiclean Wiper mop!

The hassle of interchanging between a mop and broom is now a history with Magiclean Wiper mop’s dual cleaning capability. It’s a ONE simple tool that can perform both tasks effortlessly and simultaneously.

Convinced? If not, please continue reading and I’ll tell you why this product is so awesome.

1. Amazing dual cleaning capability

Wipe or mop, depending on your needs, you can choose the Wet or Dry sheets. If the floor is slightly dusty with no sticky feeling, I’ll use the Dry sheets that act as a broom to effectively remove all dust particles and hair.

The major disadvantage of using a broom is that the dust will fly around which is harmful to our kids. In addition, it’s tedious to remove them using a broom and dustpan. My worst nightmare is – hairs tend to stick on the broom’s bristle which is even more tedious to remove.

With the Wiper mop and dry sheet, I can confidently ditch my broom and dustpan!

Amazing dual cleaning capability 1

If the floor is dusty and sticky, I’ll use the Wet sheets that will wipe and mop simultaneously. The Wet sheet removes dirt, light spills and oil stains effectively. It’s good for cleaning grease in the kitchen too. It’s so convenient and I save half of my time performing two tasks concurrently.

Amazing dual cleaning capability 2

2. The super 360 degree wiper head rotation and ultra slim head

One of the challenges in mopping is getting into all those hard-to-reach places, i.e. around the chair and furniture legs, under the bed and sofa etc.

The super 360 degree wiper head rotation and ultra slim head 1

With a Wiper mop that swivel 360 degree, you can enjoy cleaning with absolute ease! This versatile Wiper mop has a long handle and ultra slim head (only 2.8cm thick!); you can reach those narrow spaces easily and get rid of all the trapped dust!

3. The innovative curved and soft cushion head

The new and improved Wiper mop has a slight curve and a unique circular pattern. It is designed such a way to boasts its dust trapping ability.

If the head is flat, the dust will only be trapped at the edges of the head. Now, with a head that is slightly curved with circular patterns, it is capable of trapping dust uniformly and effectively.

The innovative curved and soft cushion head 1

Product Information

Now, a little bit more about the product – The Magiclean Wiper floor cleaning system contains one wiper system, dry and wet sheets (2 sheets each). You can purchase the refills too – Dry sheets 20s and Wet sheets 8s.

Product Information 1

The Dry sheet contains 500,000 micro fibres to catch dust and hair effectively. It is suitable for ceramic, wood, vinyl and many other hard and smooth surfaces. Just throw the sheet away after cleaning, no more hassle of using a broom and a dust pan.

The Wet sheet comes with a 3D surface (contains floor cleaning agent) to ensure smoother gliding on floor surfaces. It traps dust and dirt between fibres to remove stains and spills with light effort. No more hassle of carrying a heavy pail of water and mop!

Current Promotion

Current Promotion

There is a promotion going on now. Purchase the new Magiclean Wiper mop and present the packaging to purchase a Tefal Cookware Issencia Cherry Frypan 18cm at $13.90 (U.P$33.90)! *Limited to 1st 500 purchases. Promotion ends 31 Aug 2012 or while stocks last. Please visit for more details!

How this new tool changes my cleaning habits?

(1) I use only the Magiclean Wiper mop to replace all my conventional cleaning tools – broom, dustpan, mop, pail and water. This one simple tool perfectly addresses my household’s cleaning needs.

(2) No more hassle about floor cleaning, i.e. sweep first, remove dust particles with dustpan and then mop. I transform this long and tedious process into a one-step cleaning using the Wiper mop. It’s so much easier, convenient and fast! The backbreaking hassle of wringing the mop and carrying a heavy pail of water is now a thing of the past with my Magiclean Wiper mop.

(3) More hygienic and less hazard. Flyaway dusts are harmful to the children, especially those who are allergic to dust. Water dripping makes our floor slippery and dangerous. With Wiper mop, I don’t have to worry about flyaway dust and slippery floor.

“No more hassle! Transform the way you clean!”
Current Promotion 2

I look forward to halving the time I spend on my household chores. You can do it too! Even Little Edison thinks that it’s ultra cool to clean with the Wiper mop, and now I have an additional helper at home.

For more information of the product, please visit You can also view the TVC and demo clip here.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Magiclean. Views and opinions are my own.

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