Snapask Mobile Tutoring App: The Much Needed Help for Your Child’s Exam

If you have a school-going child, I’m sure you’ve been asked a homework question by your child and you do not know how to answer. I often wonder why teachers give such complex questions that even parents struggle to answer. Sometimes, even if I know the answer, I do not know the correct approach to teach him.

Haggling over school homework is nothing new for Singaporean parents. Especially for working parents, the last thing you want to see when you get home is piles of school homework that are left undone because your child doesn’t know how to do it.

During the exam revision period, your child’s learning might be hindered by tough questions. Even if they have a tutor, they have to wait for the tutor to come. Sometimes, the tutor may not be reachable via phone. At school, your child might feel shy to ask or there may not be sufficient time to ask questions during lessons.

This is where Snapask comes in really handy – for students as well as for parents.

Recently, I tried Snapask and I’m completely in awe! Let me give you a brief information about this app. Launched in January 2015, Snapask is a mobile tutoring app that allows students to snap a photo of a question, and receive instant homework help from an online tutor. Snapask now boasts over 50 thousand students in 3 countries – Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Last year, Snapask was ranked #3 on Apple App Store and #4 on Android Google Play Store within the education category. You can feel how popular this app is. Singapore Press Holdings and celebrity tutors in Hong Kong are the advisors and investors of this app, which also contributes to its unprecedented growth.

snapask-mobile-tutoring-app 2

Snapask’s user interface is very simple and user-friendly to first-time users. I love how easy it is to use the app. Upon launching the app, you’re asked to set up an account by either linking to your Facebook or signing up through email.

You can post a question using a simple photo that can be taken directly through the app or accessed through your saved library.

Here’s how to use it in a few simple steps:

  1. Download Snapask
  2. Login using email or Facebook account
  3. Select your level
  4. Choose a subject
  5. Snap a picture of your question (add a description if you need)
  6. Post it!
snapask-mobile-tutoring-app 3
Snapask App 2

Here are FOUR things you need to know about Snapask:

1. Average pick-up time of just one minute!

I can’t believe how fast my question is being picked-up by an online tutor on Snapask. I tested it and I’m totally convinced!

Last Sunday afternoon, I sent a math question on Snapask. It was a seemingly simple P3 Math question but somehow I was stuck. I was about to try ‘trial and error’ method, but I realized it won’t work. So, I snap a picture of it and posted it on Snapask.

A tutor from National University of Singapore picked up my question in just 2 minutes, and within the next 2 minutes, she posted the answer with solution. I love how neat her handwriting is, and she took less than 2 minutes to solve it!

snapask-mobile-tutoring-app 4

Yesterday, I posted a P3 Science question. Science is the subject that Edison is weak at. Since I’ve left the school for too long, I’ve also forgotten some of the basics.

snapask-mobile-tutoring-app 5

My tutor, Daniel Wong from Nanyang Technological University, really impressed me. He picked up my question in less than one minute! He posted the answer within a minute too. Imagine how fast he reads and comprehends the question.

At the end of each session, we can also rate our tutor. Of course, I gave Daniel 5 stars! Thanks to Snapask, now I can find instant homework help from credible tutors at any time of the day.

2. Free to download with free sessions for new sign-ups

This app is free to download. New sign-ups get three free sessions. Snapask subscription packages are affordable at $12 for 5 sessions for a Starter Park. The price is certainly lower if you purchase more:

$12 for 5 sessions
$30 for 15 sessions
$80 for UNLIMITED sessions

Each pack is a month’s subscription, that will recur every month. So, you may cancel and then subscribe to the different types according to what your child needs – for example, getting a bigger pack during the exam months.

Plus, the Premium Pack comes with a free trial for 7 full days! You can ask as many questions as you want for one whole week to really judge whether Snapask is effective for you.

Currently, you may pay for subscription through in-app purchase or via Bank Transfer (iBanking or ATM is fine).

Personally, I feel that the Standard Pack is truly worth for money. For just $2 per session, I can get instant homework help at the convenience of my home. So, I recommend you to download this app (completely free) and try it out with the free 3 sessions. If you like it, you can even consider the Premium Pack.

3. Credible tutors from diverse background, top universities and professionals

Boasting a selection of tutors who are undergraduates from top local universities, professional tutors from tuition centres, as well as PhD and MBA candidates, Snapask requires tutors to submit their university and ‘A’ level transcripts during the application process. Users who post questions can also rate their tutors after each chat session.

With this, I’m assured that my child is in good hands, knowing that Snapask has a strict screening process for its tutors.

4. Large pool of tutors available 24/7 covering more than 11 subjects

snapask-mobile-tutoring-app 6

Do you know that Snapask has over 3,000 experienced online tutors? No wonder you can expect an average pick-up time of just one minute! Users can ask questions for more than 11 subjects and across 5 different levels. Snapask is online all day every day, so you can get your questions answered whenever you need it.

snapask-mobile-tutoring-app 7

Edison is an obedient boy who does all his homework by himself. The Husband and I do our best to help him out with any questions he might have about his homework. We don’t do his work for him, but if he needs help, we give him. Sometimes when the three of us hit a roadblock: there are simply some questions that none of us can answer.

Even if we have internet at our disposal, sometimes it’s still difficult to look up for an answer, especially Math and Chinese. So, Snapask is truly our savior!

Personally, I love the idea of on-demand academic support and getting instant homework help any time at the convenience of my home. Snapask provides one-on-one personalized and affordable academic guidance for students as well as parents. That’s why I think everyone should have this tutor in their pocket.

Now, let’s get the homework help that you deserve! Click HERE to download Snapask on Apple or Android.

One last tip for you – follow Snapask’s Facebook Page to keep yourself updated on their discounts and promotions.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Snapask. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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