Steigen Automated Laundry System Solved My Laundry Drying Problem

I’ve seen many laundry hanging systems, and Steigen automated laundry system impressed me the most. Before we moved into Bartley, we were hesitating whether to install a laundry hanging system. We thought we could just use a laundry drying rack, but after a month, we realized that it has limited drying capacity and too cumbersome to use.

So, we began checking out various laundry systems in the market. From foldable wall-mounted to retractable ceiling-mounted system, and from manual pulley to fully automated remote-controlled system, we seriously considered the pros and cons of each system.

The manual pulley system uses gears to expedite the pulling process to raise or lower the poles. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and maintenance-free. However, I dislike the sight of ropes hanging around the walls. In addition, the rack can be heavy and tiring to pull when it’s fully loaded, and the pulley system may get stuck with normal wear and tear.

The automated remote-controlled system, on the other hand, is sleek, effortless to use and space-saving. The price is much higher and there’s also a risk of motor failure due to normal wear and tear.

After considering the size of our home, ease of use, functionality, and outlook of the system, we chose the latter eventually.

Three weeks ago, we chanced upon Steigen Automated Laundry System during their roadshow at Singapore Expo, and we were so impressed. They have one of the sleekest, most functional and high-capacity laundry system in the market. After seeing the demonstration, we were completely sold.

 Steigen Automated Laundry

There are four models: Exalt Flexi, Exalt Classic, Exalt Flexi – UV and Exalt Solar, with prices ranging from $799 to $999 including delivery and installation.

We chose Exalt Solar, which is the latest model. Truthfully, the solar is just a ‘nice to have’ function and may not be necessary in our hot weather. But thinking that this is the latest model, we might need it during rainy weather, and also for last-minute urgent drying, we went for the solar system.

Steigen automated laundry system saves a lot of floor space as it can be fully retracted when not in use as compared to a laundry rack

The Exalt Solar System was installed last week and I was so delighted that the efforts needed to hang my laundries are drastically minimized. Edison was so thrilled with the system and he couldn’t help running to help me whenever I hang my laundries.

Here are FIVE things I like about Steigen automated laundry system.

1. Extremely easy and effortless to use (fully remote control)

This is the major plus point of this system. All I have to do is just a press of button to lower and raise the poles to lift heavy clothes using a remote control.

The remote control

2. Adjustable poles length and system height

The poles length are adjustable at both sides. They can be extended from 1.27m up to 2.36m to suit my needs. When I’ve to hang my bedsheets, I extend the pole length to the maximum at both ends. Otherwise, I shorten them to save space. The extension poles can be secured tightly at both ends when not in use.

ustable poles length and system height

There are 4 retractable poles altogether – 2 poles on the higher level and 2 poles on the lower level. This brilliant design maximizes air flow when hanging clothes for faster drying. I can hang up to 40 pieces of clothes using hangers (10pcs on each pole) before extending the poles. Additional clip-on hooks can be purchased and put on the 2 poles on the lower level to fix the hanger position.

The maximum holding capacity is 35kg, I can hang up to 4 rounds of washing in my 7kg washer.

3. Safety mechanism

I was rather impressed with its safety mechanism – which is very important to families with young kids. The system lowers the poles at a steady speed and when it encounters obstruction, it will halt immediately.

4. 2-in-1 drying rack with LED lighting system

2-in-1 drying rack with LED lighting system

The laundry system has an LED lighting, which serves as laundry yard lighting. If you’re installing it at your new home, you don’t need to install additional lighting.

5. Save space, beautiful design with full aluminium body

I simply adore the design of Steigen laundry system. Its full aluminium body is 100% rust-free. It’s white in colour, modern, space-saving, and matches any home interior design.

Now, let me share with you more about the solar function.

View from the bottom: 1) LED Light off, 2) LED Light on, 3) LED Light and Heater Fans On

The solar function works best if your laundry hanging area has limited sunlight. It is optional, so you can turn it on when required. There are 2 heater fans to blow hot air to dry clothes faster, and it will auto-off after 2 hours (fret not if you forgot to turn it off when you leave home). It consumes half the power of a tumbler dryer.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with Steigen automated laundry system. The installation process was a breeze too. One thing that is worth mentioning, the installer is very experienced, neat in his work, and took great care of our home when he installed the system. The installation took about 2 – 3 hours.

Final Word

It is a known fact that new homes today are shrinking in size. Thus, space saving gadgets like Steigen automated laundry system are now essentials to our lives. It frees up the much needed space for other purposes in our home.

With Steigen automated laundry system, the efforts needed to hang my laundries are also significantly minimized. Since it’s fully-automated, it’s elderly friendly too. Furthermore, it’s safe, heavy-duty and 100% rust-free.

Thus, I highly recommend Steigen if you’re looking for a laundry system for your home.

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