What are the Lightest Travel Trailers

The average RV weighs around 8,000 pounds (3,629 kg) dry. That’s a lot of weight to haul around, and it requires a substantial investment in both time and money to get the proper equipment. But there are some RVs that buck the trend and weigh in at a fraction of the average.

These are the lightest travel trailers on the market today. If you’re looking for an RV that you can tow with ease, then one of these lightweight models is sure to fit the bill. And because they weigh less, they also tend to cost less than their heavier counterparts.

So if you’re on a budget, this could be a great way to save money while still getting all the features and amenities you want in an RV.

Are you looking for a travel trailer that won’t weigh you down? Then check out these lightest travel trailers on the market! From small and lightweight to spacious and luxurious, there’s a travel trailer for everyone.

And best of all, these trailers won’t break the bank. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure today!

What are the Lightest Travel Trailers

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What is the Lightest Travel Trailer You Can Buy?

There are a few different ways to define “lightest travel trailer.” The lightest travel trailers could be the smallest in size, have the least amount of features or weigh the least. We will explore all three of these categories to help you decide which type of light travel trailer is right for you.

The Smallest Light Travel Trailers: Airstream Basecamp and Jayco Hummingbird When it comes to small travel trailers, Airstream and Jayco are two brands that always come to mind. The Airstream Basecamp and Jayco Hummingbird are both incredibly popular options that offer a lot of features in a small package.

The Basecamp has a dry weight of 3,500 pounds and can sleep up to four people. It includes a kitchen with a two-burner stove, a wet bath, and plenty of storage space. The Basecamp is perfect for couples or families who want to enjoy the outdoors without giving up any comforts from home.

The Hummingbird also has a dry weight of 3,500 pounds but can sleep up to five people thanks to its Murphy bed design. It includes many of the same features as the Basecamp like a wet bath and fully equipped kitchen but also has an outdoor shower, making it ideal for those who love spending time outside. Both the Basecamp and Hummingbird can be towed by most SUVs or crossover vehicles, making them even more convenient for weekend getaways or longer road trips.

Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 4,000 Pounds: Forest River R-Pod 171 If you’re looking for something slightly larger than the Airstream Basecamp or Jayco Hummingbird but still want a lightweight option that can be pulled by most SUVs, consider the Forest River R-Pod 171 . This model has a dry weight of just under 4,000 pounds but still manages to pack in plenty of features including a queen bed, full bathroom with shower/tub combo, refrigerator, microwave and stove top burners.

One unique feature of the R-Pod 171 is that it includes an outdoor kitchen area complete with sink and mini fridge – perfect for picnics or cooking out while on vacation. If you need even more sleeping space (or want room for guests), there is also an optional slide out dinette that converts into another bed .

Who Makes the Lightest Travel Trailer With a Bathroom?

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer, and you want one with a bathroom, you might be wondering who makes the lightest travel trailer with a bathroom. Here are a few manufacturers to consider: 1. Airstream

Airstream is known for making high-quality, lightweight travel trailers. The Basecamp 20 Travel Trailer is one of their lightest models, weighing in at just 3,500 pounds dry (meaning it doesn’t have any water or gear inside). It’s also one of their most popular models, thanks to its stylish design and well-thought-out layout.

The Basecamp 20 comes with a wet bath (meaning the toilet and shower are in the same room), as well as a kitchenette with a two-burner stove and a small fridge. 2. Oliver Travel Trailers Oliver Travel Trailers also makes lightweight trailers that are big on features.

Their Elite II model weighs just 3,360 pounds dry and has a similar layout to the Airstream Basecamp 20. It also has a wet bath and comes equipped with a kitchenette that includes an oven, which is perfect for baking while on the road. Other notable features include an LED lighting system and solar panels for charging your devices while off the grid.

3. Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper Trailer If you’re looking for an even lighter option, check out the Gidget Retro teardrop camper trailer. This little beauty weighs in at just 1,100 pounds dry (that’s less than half the weight of some other travel trailers on this list!), making it easy to tow behind almost any vehicle.

Despite its small size, it still has all the essentials like a kitchenette with space for dining inside or out, plus plenty of storage space for your gear. And if you really want to rough it, there’s even an optional porta-potty that can be added to this already super lightweight camper!

How Much Does the Lightest Travel Trailer Weigh?

The lightest travel trailer on the market weighs in at just under 3,000 pounds. This makes it easy to tow behind most vehicles and means that you won’t need a special permit to do so. Additionally, this weight makes the trailer extremely fuel efficient and easy on your wallet when it comes to filling up at the pump.

If you’re looking for a lightweight option that won’t break the bank, this is the perfect choice for you!

What is the Lightest Longest Travel Trailer?

When it comes to finding the lightest travel trailer possible, there are a few things you need to consider. First and foremost is the length of the trailer. The longer the trailer, the more weight it will naturally have.

However, there are some really long travel trailers that are surprisingly lightweight. Another thing to consider is what kind of materials the trailer is made from. Some trailers are made with lighter materials like aluminum or fiberglass, which can help reduce the overall weight.

And finally, you need to think about how much stuff you’re going to be bringing with you on your trip. If you’re packing light, then you won’t need a massive travel trailer that’s loaded down with features and amenities. So what is the lightest longest travel trailer?

It really depends on your specific needs and preferences. But if you’re looking for a super lightweight option that’s still long enough to comfortably accommodate your family or group, then we recommend checking out some of the trailers from brands like Airstream or Scamp. These companies make very well-crafted trailers that are built for minimalism and easy maneuverability – perfect for those who want to travel light!

Top 10 Affordable Lightweight Travel Trailers for Outdoors

Lightest Travel Trailer With Bathroom

Are you looking for a travel trailer that is both lightweight and comes with a bathroom? If so, then you may want to check out the Casita Spirit Deluxe 17. This travel trailer only weighs 2,580 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market.

It also comes equipped with a bathroom, complete with a shower, sink, and toilet. If you’re looking for an even lighter option, the Scamp 16 Standard may be for you. This travel trailer only weighs 1,500 pounds!

However, it should be noted that this model does not come with a bathroom – although there is an optional porta-potty attachment available. No matter which model you choose, you’ll be sure to appreciate the convenience of having your own personal bathroom while on the road!

Ultra Lite Travel Trailers under 5,000 Lbs

Are you looking for an Ultra Lite travel trailer that won’t break the bank or your back? Well, look no further! These ten amazing trailers all weigh in at under 5,000 pounds, making them easy to tow and maneuver.

1. The Airstream Basecamp: This 16-foot trailer is perfect for couples or small families. It has a queen bed, a wet bath, and a kitchen with a two-burner stove and a refrigerator. 2. The Casita Spirit Deluxe: Another great option for couples or small families, this 17-foot trailer has a queen bed, bathroom with shower, and full kitchen.

3. The Oliver Legacy Elite II: This 19-foot beauty has room for six people with its double bunk beds and convertible dinette/bed. Plus, it comes complete with a full kitchen and bathroom facilities.

4. The Scamp 13′: One of the most popular ultralight trailers on the market today, the Scamp 13′ is perfect for couples or solo travelers.

It has a dinette that converts to a bed, as well as plenty of storage space throughout the trailer.

5. The SylvanSport GO: Perfect for those who love adventure, the GO can be used as both a camper and cargo trailer (it hauls up to 1,500 pounds). It’s lightweight at only 1120 pounds empty but can sleep four people comfortably thanks to its fold-out queen bed and convertible dinette/bed area.

6 .The Teardrop Trailer by Little Guy Max: Weighing in at only 2200 pounds dry , this teardrop trailer is perfect for those who want to save weight without sacrificing amenities . With sleeping space for two , an optional air conditioner , microwave ,and TV mount , you’ll be able to enjoy all the comforts of home while on your next camping trip .

7 . RVIA Certified T@B 400 by Tabbert : At just shy of 4000 pounds dry , this little guy packs quite a punch ! With sleeping space for four people ,a fully functional kitchen ,and even an optional solar panel system ,the T@B 400 is perfect for boondocking or extended stays in your favorite campground.

Lightweight Travel Trailers under 1,500 Lbs With Bathroom

Lightweight Travel Trailers under 1,500 Lbs With Bathroom When shopping for a travel trailer, one of the primary concerns is how much it weighs. This is especially important if you plan to tow the trailer with a smaller vehicle.

Fortunately, there are many great options on the market for lightweight travel trailers that weigh in at under 1,500 pounds. One popular option is the Airstream Sport 16FB. This sleek and stylish travel trailer has a dry weight of just 3,500 pounds, making it easy to tow.

It also features a full bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink as well as a kitchenette with a stove and fridge. Another excellent choice is the Jayco Hummingbird 10RK. This ultra-light travel trailer has a dry weight of just 2,985 pounds but still manages to pack in plenty of amenities.

Inside you’ll find a wet bath with a shower, toilet and sink as well as a small kitchen area with enough space to make simple meals. If you’re looking for an even lighter option, check out the SylvanSport GO Easy ultralight travel trailer. It has an impressive dry weight of just 1,100 pounds but still includes features like electric brakes and LED lights.

The interior is quite basic but does include enough room for four people to sleep comfortably. No matter what your needs are, there’s sure to be a lightweight travel trailer that’s perfect for you!

Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers under 2,000 Pounds

When it comes to travel trailers, there are a lot of different options out there. But if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to tow, then you’ll want to check out ultra-lightweight travel trailers that weigh less than 2,000 pounds. There are a few reasons why you might want to consider an ultra-lightweight trailer.

For one, they’re much easier to tow than traditional RVs or even fifth wheels. This means that you can take them places that you might not be able to take a larger RV. Another reason is that they’re often more affordable than other types of RVs.

And because they’re so lightweight, they tend to use less fuel when you’re pulling them behind your vehicle. So if you’re in the market for a new travel trailer but don’t want something too big or bulky, then consider checking out some of the ultralightweight options that are available. You might be surprised at how much these smaller trailers have to offer!


RVing is a great way to see the country and explore the outdoors, but one of the biggest challenges can be finding an RV that’s lightweight enough to tow without a heavy-duty truck or SUV. Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight travel trailers on the market that are perfect for smaller vehicles. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the lightest travel trailers available, including models from popular brands like Airstream, Jayco, and Forest River.

We also provide tips for choosing the right travel trailer for your vehicle, so you can hit the road with confidence!

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