Where Can Cuban Citizens Travel Without a Visa

Cubans are able to travel without a visa to several countries including Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina. These countries have all signed agreements with Cuba that allow for visa-free travel between their nations. In addition to these South American and Central American countries, Cuban citizens can also visit Russia visa-free for up to 30 days.

Lastly, citizens of Cuba can enter Malaysia without a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

Cuba is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. Its citizens are friendly and welcoming, and the country has a lot to offer tourists. However, Cuban citizens cannot travel just anywhere they want without a visa.

Here is a list of countries where Cuban citizens can travel without a visa: -Mexico -Dominican Republic

-Haiti -Bolivia -Ecuador


Where Can Cuban Citizens Travel Without a Visa

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What Country Can Cubans Go to Without a Visa?

There are a few countries that Cubans can travel to without a visa. These include Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and some Caribbean nations. Cuba has agreements with these countries that allow for visa-free travel for up to 90 days.

However, it is important to note thatCubans will still need a passport to enter these countries.

Can Cuban Citizens Travel to Mexico?

Yes, Cuban citizens can travel to Mexico. In fact, many Cubans travel to Mexico every year. There are a few things that Cuban citizens need to do in order to travel to Mexico.

First, they need to obtain a Mexican visa. This can be done by going to a Mexican consulate or embassy and applying for a visa. The process is usually not too difficult or time-consuming.

Once they have their visa, Cuban citizens can then book their travel plans and fly to Mexico. Once in Mexico, they will be able to enjoy all that the country has to offer, from its stunning beaches and resorts to its vibrant culture and cuisine.

Can Cuban Citizens Visit the Us?

Yes, Cuban citizens are able to visit the United States. In order to do so, they must obtain a visa from the U.S. embassy in Havana or from another U.S. consulate in Cuba. The process for obtaining a visa can be lengthy and expensive, but it is possible for Cuban citizens to visit the United States legally.

Can You Travel Anywhere With a Cuban Passport?

If you have a Cuban passport, you may be able to travel to some countries without a visa. However, this depends on the country you are visiting and their requirements for entry. For example, Cuba has agreements with several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that allow Cuban citizens to enter without a visa for tourism purposes.

However, if you are planning to travel outside of these region, you will likely need to obtain a visa from the country you are visiting.

Where Can Cuban citizens travel?

Cuba Passport Visa-Free Countries 2022

Since the United States lifted its trade embargo on Cuba in 2016, tourism to the island nation has been on the rise. And now, with a new visa-free travel policy set to go into effect in 2022, even more people will be able to visit without having to obtain a visa in advance. According to the Cuban government, the new policy will allow citizens of any country with which Cuba has diplomatic relations to visit for up to 30 days without a visa.

That includes countries like China, Russia, and most of Europe. Travellers from those countries will still need to have a passport and a return ticket, but they won’t need to apply for a visa beforehand. The change is part of an effort by the Cuban government to boost tourism and generate much-needed revenue for the cash-strapped nation.

It’s also likely to increase competition for tourist dollars among Caribbean destinations. So far, there’s no word on whether or not the United States will be included in Cuba’s visa-free list of countries. However, given that American travellers are already some of the biggest spenders on the island (despite having to jump through extra hoops to get there), it seems unlikely that they would be excluded entirely.

Whether you’re planning a trip now or waiting until 2022, this is good news for anyone hoping to visit Cuba without hassle or expense. So start planning your trip today!


Cuban citizens can travel to most countries without a visa. The only exception is the United States, which requires a visa for all Cuban citizens. There are some other countries that may require a visa for Cuban citizens, but these are typically easy to obtain.

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