Bartley Residences: Win Us Korean Combi Blinds and Unislat

Many readers asked me about the blinds that I used and their costs. I realised I didn’t share much about it, partly because taking pictures of the blinds are very tedious. There is a high contrast, indoor is dark but outdoor is too bright due to the harsh sunlight. I may be able to neutralise the lightning using a flash, but I’m really a sucker in using it.

Thankfully, with my new Olympus PEN-F and M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8 prime lens, this is made possible. So, let’s check out my Korean Combi Blinds and Unislat.

Personally, I still prefer curtains over blinds. Curtains look lovely on big windows and able to block out light more effectively than blinds. For smaller windows, blinds are a good choice because they’re simple and stylish.

However, V is strongly against curtains because he feels that washing curtains is such a big chore. Blinds are much longer-lasting, can be cleaned easily, and offer varying degrees of privacy as they are fully adjustable.

Since we’ve been living with curtains for so many years, we decided to go completely curtainless this time – using only blinds and unislat. Moreover, during my visit to Picket & Rail, I was completely won over by the beauty of Korean combi blinds and unislat.

Unislat for Living Hall

Unislat for Living Hall

We chose Unislat for our living hall. It’s made of 100% lightweight polyester, unlike curtains which are generally dependent on heavy fabrics which can be troublesome to maintain and clean.

Unislat is very light and soft with high quality materials, moderate thickness and extremely soft textures. With just a gentle twist of the wand stick, it slides flawlessly and effortlessly to keep our privacy, as well as allowing the gentle breeze and sunlight through the mesh textured fabric surface.

Light and flowy material

Every layer is anti-pollutant coated to prevent build-up of dirt, dust and other harmful allergens. It can be hand-washed, or simply wipe with damp cloth or feather duster.

With a gentle twist of the wand stick, the unislat slides effortlessly
The unislat track

Combi Blind for Master Bedroom, Edison’s Room and Study Room

Combi blinds (more commonly known as rainbow blinds) are perfect in managing natural light and ventilation in the room. Using double layer materials, the blinds provide subtle sunlight into the room, and also blocking the sunlight when its patterns are set to staggered using a manual pulley system.

WinUs Combi Blind (the brand that we’re using) uses a patented roller mechanism that allows synchronised roll up. This means both layers can move up together.

The blinds are made from polyester materials that have undergone a 3-step UV treatment. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. No washing is required, just occasional wipe with a feather duster. The UV treatment also prevents “browning”, prevents the blind from warping, and increases the lifespan of the blind.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Edison’s Room


Study Room

All in all, we’re pretty happy with our Unislat and Combi Blinds. They look absolutely lovely, match our interiors and easy to maintain. The only disadvantage is that they cannot completely eliminate sunlight. I’d say they can only block up to 70% of sunlight.

If your room is facing morning sun, you need a total block-out blind. There are many types of blind materials that provide different levels of block-out. So, you’ll need to be crystal clear on the sunlight level in each room before deciding on the blind materials.

In addition, Unislat and Combi Blinds also do not block out heat. All the pictures here were taken 3 weeks ago before the installation of our solar film. We installed solar film recently, and it does a fantastic job is keeping our house cool. Will share more on that soon.

Final Word

A few readers also asked me for the costs of our blinds and unislat. I couldn’t trace the breakdown of the cost as our invoice showed only the total amount. We spent about $4,000 in total. Unislat is the most expensive, chalked up to half of the total cost.

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