Chocolate Ville: A European Style Dining Park You Shouldn’t Miss in Bangkok

Chocolate Ville is a mini themed dining park designed to look like an old European village, complete with chapel, barn, historical clock tower, railway station and candy-coloured shops. With its quaint European-inspired landscape, you probably don’t feel like you’re in Bangkok at all! I was really looking forward to visit Chocolate Ville as I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of the park posted on Instagram. 😍

Even better, I know that this place offers both Thai and International dishes. So, I looked forward to an enjoyable dinner with a great view and plenty of photo opportunities. But when I told Edison that there’s NO chocolate at Chocolate Ville, his reaction was like “WHAT???!!!”. The name sounds like a big chocolate park to him, and he’s expecting to have at least a chocolate buffet LOL.

Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville is a well-known tourist attraction in Bangkok, and they have been operating since 2011. As I’ve mentioned, Chocolate Ville is just a name and there is no shop or anything that sells chocolate here. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a beautiful place that you shouldn’t miss in Bangkok – especially if you have kids (even though there’s no chocolate 😆).

Chocolate Ville is located at the outskirt of Bangkok. The easiest way to get there is by taxi. We took a taxi from our hotel at Pullman Bangkok King Power and it costs 248 Baht (meter fare 193 Baht + toll fee 50 Baht). That’s ~$10 for 30 mins ride. Interestingly in Bangkok, passenger has to pay for toll fee separately if going by expressway. It’s nice to have small change to pay the tolls but if you don’t, the taxi driver will pay and then add the charge to your fare.

Talking about taxi, communication can be a gas majority of the Bangkok’s taxi drivers speak little English. Therefore, I would advise you to prepare your destination address in Thai so that the driver can get there accurately. Alternatively, it will be easier to use Grab Taxi.

Now, the best thing about Chocolate Ville – there is NO entrance fee. Well, it’s not really a theme park (there is no rides), but more like a themed dining park that can accommodate hundreds of customers. Should I go there, you might ask? Oh my gosh, you should! Chocolate Ville is the best themed restaurant we’ve visited so far. The food is great and there’s no other place like this in Bangkok or even Singapore.


Chocolate Ville is open daily from 4pm till midnight. Depending on traffic conditions, it may take up to an hour to reach Chocolate Ville from Bangkok. Hence, I would advise you to come early before 5pm so that you have ample time and natural lights to take pictures around the park. I noticed that the dinner crowd started from 6pm onwards.

chocolate-ville-bangkok 8
chocolate-ville-bangkok 5

The weather was SO H*O*T, we were perspiring like a melting ice block! 😕 Nonetheless, Edison had so much fun taking pictures with the cute bears in various sizes all around the park.


There is a tower in the middle of the park, make sure you don’t miss it. Everyone can go up to the observation deck to catch a panoramic view of the park. It was SO gorgeous! The night view of the park is even more beautiful with lights lit up everywhere.

At first glance, I thought that there are several restaurants in the park. But in fact, there is ONLY ONE. You are free to choose your table – be it at the lakeside, outdoor or indoor area, and you’ll be given the same menu. I highly recommend the lakeside as the view is gorgeous and you can even see ducks swimming around. 😋

Chocolate Ville serves both Thai and International dishes, and it’s most famous for its pork ribs (half pack is priced at 475 Baht). Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try that many food items (there’s only 3 of us) and we had a late lunch on that day. Here are what we ordered: pineapple fried rice, pizza, sir-fried broccoli with prawns, soup, chocolate lava for dessert and some fruit juices. Our bill came up to 1,400 Baht (approx. S$60).

Overall, the food was delicious and reasonably priced. There’s a wide variety of food on the menu and alcohol is strictly served after 6pm. After dinner, we strolled around the park to enjoy it’s beautiful ambiance. 😍

One last funny thing to share with you. You can make a table reservation through Chocolate Ville Facebook page. It’s easy peasy! Just copy what everyone else did, edit your personal information, date and time, and leave your comment on Chocolate Ville’s Facebook page with a 5-star rating.

Here’s how the “template” looks like:

Dear Chocolate Ville,
I would like to reserve a table for (number of) adults on (date)
Please find the details as below for your reference:
Guest name: XXX
Date: XXX
Time: XXX
Preference: non-smoking area, Riverside, and sunset view.

Thank you so much!
This is the first time we visit Chocolate Ville.
We’ve learned from friends recommendation that Chocolate Ville provides delicious food and nice scenery.
We hope we can have a great time in here.
We understand that you will cancel the booking without notification if we come late.
So that would be great if you can confirm the booking for us so that we can mark it down on our schedule.
Thanks a lot for your assistance in advance.
I hope to get your reply soon.

Interestingly, it works and someone from Chocolate Ville will reply to your comment to confirm your reservation. Hahah! 🤣 We visited the park on a weekday, hence it wasn’t crowded. Even though we made a reservation on their Facebook page, they didn’t check our names as there were plenty of tables available. Nonetheless, if you’re visiting on a weekend, I’d advise you to make a reservation in advance.

How to get there

Most taxis will take you to Chocolate Ville. Our taxi fare for the 30-minute ride cost us about 250 Baht (~S$10), but this could vary depending on your location in Bangkok and traffic conditions.

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